general guidelines

We are publishing ONLY poetry, visual art, documentation of visual art, documentation of performance art, and text art in our 2015 issue. It will be a different format than the 2014 issue. For the 2015 Issue we would like to print more copies, so instead of an 8x10 book format, we are experimenting with a tabloid-sized/map-folded printed book. We will feature one artist on the back, like a poster and poetry and art works on the front.
We do consider simultaneous submissions, but be kind enough to let us know immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. Reading/Looking time: 4 months.

Reading/Looking Period: January 18, 2015 - April 18, 2015

Deadline for Fall 2015: April 18, 2015

We DO NOT accept emailed submissions.
We ask that you submit your work using our submission manager.

category guidelines
guidelines for art
For painting, drawing, collage, digital work, photography, and documentation of sculpture please submit 1-5 images and a description of the work an/or series.

We also publish documentation of performance, conceptual pieces, interactive work, installation, and video stills. However, we do ask that these particular submissions be submitted with a statement of at least 250 words. The statement may cover the conceit, the original event, the narrative, the influences, or any other information you think would be relevant to encountering as much of the work as is possible in magazine format.
Submit 1-5 images and a 250 word statement. In the case of conceptual work, the image is optional.

NOTE: We are much more likely to publish several pieces from a series than a single piece. This preference does not extend to performance pieces, conceptual pieces, and video stills.
guidelines for poetry
Submit 1-5 poems.